Fire & Ice Facial in Dehradun

Rejuvnate, Exfoliate & lighten your skin tone with Fire and Ice Facial in Dehradun by Luxe Esthetica.

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Fire & Ice Facial costs anywhere between INR 1500 to INR 3000.

It is recommend to get fire and ice facial 4 to 5 times in a year for best results.

Fire & Ice Facial is a great way to lighten skin tone, exfoliate & reduce wrinkles.
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Fire Ice Facial - Dehradun

Fire Ice facial- a beauty treatment that uses ice to numb your facial muscles and reduces facial pain. It has many benefits, but some people misuse it and end up with more harm than good. Doctors recommend using ice for pain during facial treatments to reduce swelling, pain, and inflammation. However, some patients experience discomfort from the cold as they apply the ice to their faces. While ice reduces pain and inflammation, it can have negative side effects if misused.When you have a facial, the doctor uses ice to numb your face first. For a facial, the doctor may place an ice cube on your face for about three minutes to numb the skin and reduce pain and swelling during treatment. Your doctor may also apply an ice pack to your face for about fifteen minutes to reduce pain and inflammation. After applying the ice to your skin, your doctor may use a cold compress on your face for about five minutes to reduce fever or increase blood flow. When performing a facial, the doctor will use a liquid base or cream to numb your facial muscles and reduce pain. The base or cream will usually be applied first, then the ice will be applied second. After applying the ice, it may take about five minutes for your facial treatment to complete

Fire Ice may cause some pain the first few times you have a facial. Your facial may feel better after your doctor applies the base or cream to your skin, but you may still experience some pain from the coldness of the ice. Some people experience pain from the shock of their own body freezing itself off. When you first try an ice facial, you should expect some mild discomfort as your face adjusts to being frozen off. You should also expect some stinging or burning when you apply an ice cube to your face or apply an ice pack to your face for 15 minutes.Your face may feel cool and numb after applying ice treatment for the first time. Your face may also feel heavier or warmer after removing the icicle from your skin. You should expect some tingling or numbness when you apply certain creams or bases to your skin after applying the ice treatment. However, overexercising can also cause fatigue in your face after applying coldness too often. Since fatigue from excessive icicle application causes more harm than good, you should only perform an ice facial when you truly need help with pain management.

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Services Details

Fire Ice Facial Benefits

Many people use an ice facial as an excuse for bingeing at a spa or salon. They go too far with their treatments and end up with frozen eyebrows, eyelashes, and other parts of their body. While performing spa treatments in wintery locales - such as Dehradun, Mussooriee - is delightful in its own right, this pursuit of pleasure can lead us down paths of self-doubt and self-inflicted harm upon our very finest physical attributes. It is not unreasonable that we would begin our exploration of physicality by committing ourselves wholeheartedly to our most robust physical attributes: our faces - including our eyes - which are integral not just to our visual acuity but also to our sense of expressiveness.

When used properly, an ice facial can relieve chronic muscle aches and inflammation associated with chronic skin conditions like dermatitis or psoriasis. However, abusing the treatment can lead to more harm than good because it causes temporary pain and swelling in your face without reducing inflammation properly. Instead of healing chronic skin conditions, using an ice facial could make them worse since it causes more pain and swelling than it prevents. Therefore, if you're looking for beauty treatments that promote wellness instead of harming it, consider one of many treatment options that do not involve putting coolness into your system other methods include cryotherapy (icing off), laser therapy and radiofrequency ablation (RF).